A 26-year-old self-proclaimed 'sugar baby' who takes advantage of older men for their money, and now she has convinced her mother to get in on the action. 


I highly doubt that there is no sex involved between the 'Sugar Babies' and the 'Sugar Daddies' because who in their right mind would dump piles of cash into this girls purse and not expect anything in return?

That does not happen, and if it does, then the 'Sugar Daddy' has some serious self esteem issues. Ether that or they're stupid, because if there is no sex involved then it would be like going to a strip club and paying the strippers to keep their clothes on.

Who is worse? The 'Sugar Baby' who takes advantage of older men for their money or the 'Sugar Daddy' who is willing to spend their time and money on a person that just wants their money?

I think the most disgusting part about the video is when she explains how she gets her 'Sugar Daddy' to give her what she wants. "Bat Eyelashes" and "Make Pouty Face" once again I highly doubt that's all she has to do.

Another problem that I found with this video is that the bleach blond, tanning bed enthusiast look is such a common look, that it can't be too hard to find a girl possessing these features. Of course, once again, I guarantee you that their are plenty of girls that look like these two that are willing to do allot more then "Bat Eyelashes" and "Make Pouty Face" for "Cash up front."

Being a 'Sugar Baby' actually sounds like some dangerous business, because who is going to pay for a toy that can not play with? Or mount on the wall?

I did not catch the age of the Mother, but the daughter is 26, the men they find to be their 'Daddy' or 'Daddies' must be as delusional as they are.

In conclusion: 'Sugar Baby' is just another word for 'Parasite' and this video makes me feel like the ugliest dog in the world, because that is the face I made when I watched this video.

Now how about some Dan America?