And it wasn't even a porno!

The only reason I have any clue what a chastity belt is, is because of Mel Brooks Robin Hood: Men In Tights. Included below is the clip from the movie so we can be on the same page about this.

So some lady in Italy, and Independent is reporting that she was middle aged, decided that she needed to wear a chastity belt in order to prevent herself from entering into sexual relationships. I guess you gotta give her credit for taking it seriously, though I'm not sure the plan was very well thought out.

As shown in the clip above, one of the very important parts about owning a chastity belt, is also not owning the key. This lady, owned the key, meaning she could take the damn thing off whenever she pleased. Well not quite. She lost the key and decided calling a locksmith to her house would be too embarrassing, I'm assuming because of all the unused sex toys littered about the house.

No instead she decided to drive to a fire house, most likely full of men, and lift up her skirt to get some assistance. It's reported that everyone had a good laugh about it afterwards, which for some reason is very creepy to me.

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