Finally science is catching up with my needs. I like my head but I've been ridding this body kind of hard and I think I'm due for an upgrade. 

An Italian surgeon says that within 2 years it might be possible to successfully attach a human head to a different body. I'll go on record right now and say that I knew this day was closer then people thought from the moment I saw the movie "Face Off" with Nick Cage and John Travolta. People, you should start shopping for your next body now.

According to Buzz :60 a similar "successful" surgery was performed on a monkey in the 1970s. The monkey couldn't use it's body and died several days after surgery. However this is the 20-teens or something and we're not monkeys. I've seen a movie where dinosaurs were brought back from extinction so I think we can tackle this head transplant thing, right?

Dear Taylor Lautner, please be careful and take extra care of that body of yours. Come 2 years from now you will be hearing from me.


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