This just further proves that women are bananas. You agree to be my sex slave but get angry and sue when I treat you like a sex slave?

Some women just don’t know what they want. According to a story I read on arbroath, an Italian woman signed a contract when she first got married stating that she would be considered sexual property to her husband. Now that the relationship has come to an end seven years later, she is suing for the past years of being treated like a sex slave.

Listen lady, you can’t buy a ticket to a Gwar concert and get upset when you walk out covered in fake blood and semen and you can’t sign a “sex slave” contract and get upset when you are treated like a sex slave! The point is, you know what you’re getting into before hand and by signing the contract and you agreed to the terms. Now I can understand if you never got flogged or had to fasten your own ball gag every night, then you have every right to be angry. That would be treating you NOT like a sex slave and therefore not following through on the contractual agreements.

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