So what exactly the difference between a volcano, and a super-volcano? One cause disaster, one can cause extinction.
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Imagine you are sitting in your home and you hear a huge explosion. All of a sudden a rush of volcanic ash and smoke is coming at you. Oh, and lava. The problem is, you live no where near a volcano. That's okay, a super-volcano can get you either way, and one has been discovered.

Thanks to the researchers at Vanderbilt University, we can all be a bit more nervous. They think that we are due for a big volcanic eruption. According to a report on ABC News, super-volcanoes have caused more extinction than asteroids. Joy!

So where did they find this particular super-volcano? Oh, just near Pompeii. You know, where a volcano wiped out an entire city thousands of years ago. So hold your loved ones tight, and steer clear of Italy, at least until all this blows over - or up.

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