Beware - April Fools Day is Sunday, try your best not to get fooled! Over the past few years radio stations have tried to prank their listeners. I've been in Albany radio for a long time and here is a list of five hilarious Albany radio station April Fools Day stunts that I can remember.

  • Simultaneous Toilet Flush

    A station told it's listeners to not use the bathroom in the morning as the city of Albany was going to do a simultaneous toilet flush to test the sewer lines. Of course many people were late to work as they couldn't get ready and phone lines at City Hall were jammed with people asking why they would test the lines during the morning rush hour.

    flicker user loop_oh
  • Kitten Carried Away by Balloons

    Be on the lookout over the Hudson River for a whole bunch of helium balloons with a kitten tied to them floating away. Apparently some kids wanted to see how many balloons it would take to lift the kitten of the ground when a gust of wind took hold of the balloons and the kitten. Even PETA fell for the prank as they threatened to protest the station.

    flickr user meogial
  • Flip to Spanish Speaking Format

    Imagine your surprise when the alarm clock goes off on the morning of April 1st and your favorite radio station has flipped to Spanish. All the music is Spanish, the commercials and yes even the announcers were all speaking Spanish. Yikes!!

    flikcr user auraneurotica
  • Stealth Bomber is parked at Albany International Airport

    Listeners were told that a stealth bomber was parked at the Albany International Airport. Since nobody had seen the plane before many flocked to the airport only to be disappointed that they couldn't see it.. Obviously it's STEALTH - you can't see it!

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  • Hear the sound? You're considered a Genius!

    The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning show did this prank recently, where they supposedly played a sound that could only be heard by geniuses. Some listeners were set up to call in and say they heard the sound but most people didn't hear a thing. That's the joke, we are not geniuses!

    flickr user c.totten