Some Floridians may beat the summer heat by enjoying some cold, refreshing ice cream, and others just use it to hit their cheating husbands. One woman did just this when she found her spouse in a store with his mistress. She grabbed the first thing she could and swung away!

A 45-year-old nurse by the name of Dawn Elaine Barran was in a Florida drug store on July 1 when she spotted her husband dabbling in someone else's tasty treats. She immediately went up and confronted him and the two began to argue over the other woman. Barran then grabbed the bag of ice cream that her husband was carrying and hit him in the head with it. Hopefully the ice cream was hard and not soft on the cheater's head.

The man and his mistress then attempted to leave the store, but Barran stopped them and continued to hit the man with her car keys and fist. She was later arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. The only injuries sustained by her sinful hubby were scratches on his hand and chest.

I think this is awesome and Barran shouldn't have been arrested or charged with anything. She was doing what any normal woman would do in a similar situation. I think she was pretty tame actually.

Now that's what I call sweet revenge!

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