Greg D. Schnare joins Tatiana and I on The Generation X Files as we dig into more Food Talk. We do not talk about how Millennials ruined food and dieting like we did in Part 1 so I am not as angry in this episode. In Part 2 of our Foodporn episode we make each other hungry and we gross each other out.

My son heard a little bit of this episode because he walked in on my wife when she was listening and now he wants to try cow tongue. He also wants Tatiana to pick him up from school instead of me.

This episode is one of my favorites because I get to talk about my mom’s meatloaf. I think that using that combination of words is funny, I also think that “your mom’s meatloaf” is funny and that “your grandma’s meatloaf” is especially funny.

This episode concludes our conversation about food on The Generation X Files.

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Horror Movies the Sequel.

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