Dan America and Tatiana of the Generation X Files would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving by inviting you to listen to them talk about Thanksgiving for an hour.

It is Dan America’s theory that Thanksgiving is the ultimate American holiday because it combines consumerism, football and food. He credits Generation X for the positives and blames Millennials for the negatives of America’s ultimate holiday.

Tatiana disagrees with everything that Dan America has to say. 

This episode of the Generation X Files is much like most families on Thanksgiving because Dan and Tatiana argue.

Listen to the Generation X Files Thanksgiving Special if:

You’re driving.


Trying to avoid your family.


Watching the kids.

If the kids are watching you.

If you don’t want to watch football.

If you get too drunk, too early.

If you’re about to go into a food coma.

If you love Tatiana.

If you hate Dan America.

Just listen.

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