Christmastime is for wishes and dreams so why not dream BIG!

There is a property, less than 90 minutes from the Capital Region, that is so big it features the Hudson Valley's only available private lake. You can own the lake and all 164 acres of this compound for $20 million! To make it even more intriguing, this was once used as a nudist colony.

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The property at 201 Swartekill Road in Esopus, New York is currently listed on Redfin for $19,950,000. In addition to the 25-acre lake and the land around it, you will find the home with:

  • 2 primary bedroom suites
  • 3 guest bedrooms
  • Extraordinary views
  • Guest outbuildings
  • A three bedroom guest cottage
  • 2 one bedroom guest cottages
  • 2 bedroom caretakers house
  • A three-level barn
  • A large kennel

With so much room to roam, you can see why it would work well as a nudist colony. Here are a couple of "rules" for a nudist colony according to Ranker.

  1. Have a towel with you at all times and sit on it for sanitary reasons
  2. Get aroused? Cover it up! Another reason to have that towel.
  3. Make sure you are at a nudist colony. That could be an embarrassing mistake.

"Bottom" line is, this used to be a nudist colony. Today you can make it whatever you want. Let's take a look around.

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