A baseball star who started out as a Tri-City ValleyCat in Troy is now posing in the nude for the annual ESPN 'Body Issue'! The Times Union originally reported on the ESPN Body Issue featuring both a New York Giant and Astros Pitcher Dallas Keuchel.  Dallas Keuchel, a pitching star, actually started his career in Troy as a Tri-City ValleyCat, so this was too cool not to write about.  Being a former NCAA athlete, I honestly always dreamed of making it big in sports and being in ESPN's 'Body Issue.'

Obviously, that never happened.  But kudos to the athletes who not only make it big but have the cojones to pose in the nude (tastefully) for ESPN.  These athletes work hard, why not show off their muscles!  Dallas Keuchel was a former minor league player for the ValleyCats, based out of Troy, and while he's an MLB star now, his former minor league team still has an athlete page for him.  If you're interested, you can get a sneak peak of the photos from the 'Body Issue' and of Dallas Keuchel at the Times Union!