As a Yankee fan, I am disappointed I did not know that this man was coming to the Capital Region. He was an integral part of the team over the last decade.

If you cannot tell by the photo, one Joe Girardi stopped by the Capital Region this past week. He was here to talk at the Capital about legalizing betting on sports in New York.

Joe Girardi is someone who I think got the shaft by the ball club. I love Aaron Boone, but I also loved Joe Girardi. Hell, he got the Yankees one game away from the World Series last year as their skipper. I hated seeing that the Yanks weren't bringing him back.

Now he did not stop his Capital Region visit at the Capital. He also visited a popular pizza joint as well. DeFazios Pizzaria in Troy. He on top of that visited the brave firemen at station 4 in Troy as well.

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