As reported by WNYT [Albany, NY], four people were arrested in Troy, and being arraigned today, after policed executed a search warrant and found multiple drugs and weapons.  According to WNYT, cops found two pounds of marijuana, over 60 grams of Ketamine, and multiple guns including hand guns and an assault rifle.  Scary stuff.  They also found ammunition and thousands in cash.  You can read all about those arrested at WNYT.

Ketamine isn't something I feel that you often come across in the news.  Frankly, I feel like usually its heroin, prescription pills such as opiates or benzos [xanax, ativan], or other synthetics such as spice making the local news.  For those out there who don't know, Ketamine is a pharmaceutical (mainly used for anesthesia)  but also a hallucinogenic.  It can be taken in all different ways, and on the street called things like 'cat valium' or 'vitamin k.'  As a nurse, I usually come across the slang.  You check out all the drug facts through the National Institutes of Health.  One of my favorite rockers, Oliver Sykes of the band Bring Me The Horizon, was openly addicted to Ketamine.  You can even check out a video on YouTube of him speaking about his stint with Ketamine and rehab at an annual awards ceremony, while accepting an award.

I'll say it again- scary stuff that's floating out there in the streets of the Capital Region.  I'm glad that the cops executed this search warrant.