After being challenged by many friends and co-workers, "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" crew was finally able to get everyone together for our official ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video on Thursday.

We got in touch with a bunch of former interns and gave them the opportunity to come back and help us out by pouring a bucket of water on us -- Free Beer, Hot Wings, Eric Zane, Producer Joe and Steve.

It was a small victory for them after all of the abuse thrown their way during their internships.

Those who came back to help out were:

  • Loose Wendy.
  • Kurt Busch.
  • Alexssss.
  • Thurman Merman.
  • Dr. Stupid.
  • Milton.
  • RapeStache Wethands.
  • Hillbilly Handfishin' Face.
  • CandyBeard Wethands.
  • Benercrombie.
  • Butthead Lautner.
  • Math Damon.
  • Carmen.
The entire "Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" crew -- Free Beer, Hot Wings, Eric Zane, Producer Joe and Steve -- got doused for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by former interns Thursday in Grand Rapids outside our studios. (Photo: Free Beer & Hot Wings)

We also issued our own challenges to the following people:

You all have 24 hours to do the Ice Bucket Challenge and make a donation to ALS. Yeah, we know that technically you can choose between the two, but it goes to a good cause. So, just do it like everyone else!

Thanks to all of the former interns who made it back to help out, Johnnie Walker from 97.9 WGRD for recording this whole mess and RapeStache for the photos!

Now, go donate at!