If you have a closet that is large enough to host charity events in it and lots of people see it on a regular basis, you probably shouldn't be too surprised when said closet becomes the target of a robbery.

And if your closet is three stories tall and houses millions of dollars worth of handbags, furs and jewelry and has been shown on television numerous times, you REALLY shouldn't be surprised.

That's just what happened to this suburban Houston woman, KHOU TV reported.

After leaving her home in The Woodlands, Texas, for a late dinner with her husband, Theresa Roemer's three-story closet was broken into.

The thief used a glass cutter to gain access, grabbed a few bags worth $60,000 and packed them to the top with more bags, clothing and jewelry. All in all, Roemer says she was robbed of about $1 million worth of stuff.

Perhaps next time you shouldn't brag about all of your fancy stuff on TV.