You may have not liked how this winter started, but because of the freezing cold temperatures, it may have knocked out one of the most annoying insects. Living in the Capital Region we all know that those stink bugs can be a nuisance. But a new study shows that they may have been almost completely eliminated this winter.

According to News 10 ABC, researchers at Virginia Tech held an experiment and found that the bitter cold temperatures at the beginning of the winter may have killed ninety-five percent of stink bugs. In the winter, stink bugs find shelter from the cold and then when the weather gets warmer, in the spring, they come out. This year, however, there will be significantly less.

As you know, stink bugs get their name from the odor they give off when they are threatened. Other than their odor, stink bugs pose no harm to people or pets. They don't bite and don't transmit disease.

Even though they pose no threat, I will be happy to not have to smell those insects this spring and worry about them being in my house.

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