Recently, a couple Capital Region locations landed on a list of "blast-from-the-past" rollerskating rinks.

The list, posted by, did actually make me feel really nostalgic.  I used to love going roller-skating as a kid growing up.  Honestly, I haven't gone in years and years (and probably should, to live out my nostalgic memories).  Also, I loved the fact that a couple Capital Region locations made the list.

Scrolling through the post I first saw Rollerama in Schenectady listed.  I didn't realize it was opened in 1957 (according to the post), but love that it's still open after all these years, and the mention of the all-you-can-eat pizza.  Following that,  High Rollers made the list, in Amsterdam, and of course Guptill's in Cohoes. The photo of someone in retro Halloween-dress by old video game machines honestly made me want to go even more.

The winter is coming, and a time to stay warm indoors.  So who knows, maybe you'll see me testing out some roller-skates this winter at one of these places!  You can check out the list here.

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