Try not to fall off the ladder or out of the apple trees this year when you go to Indian Ladder Farms to pick apples. That is not a challenge.

Bramley Apple Picker
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Thanks to Governor Cuomo, restrictions on local farm breweries have been lifted. He did not do it himself, but he did sign the laws and that is hard work.

The politics behind this are not really important- what is important is that local farms such as Indian Ladder Farms can serve and sell local alcoholic beverages. Nine Pin Ciderworks has 18 of them on tap.

So, when you go apple picking this year, you can sample some local brews, hard cider, or wine. If you're going with the kids, make sure that you have a designated driver, but make sure to stock up on plenty of apples and local beverages so you can go home, get loaded, and bake some pies.

If you sample a bit too much while apple picking, try not to get lost in the orchard. If you forget what you are doing in the orchard, it should not be too hard to remember if you're surrounded by apple trees.

If you're upset that you have been elected designated driver when you go apple picking, you can play some mean tricks on the tipsy apple pickers:

- Hide all the apples you picked and insist that you have not started picking apples yet.

- Hide in the apple orchard and throw apples at them and blame it on Hobbits.

- Challenge them to an apple eating contest, knowing that it will make them puke.

- Go to the pumpkin patch and sit down and insist that you are waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

- Serve them non-alcoholic cider and tell them that it is the alcoholic cider and watch them think that they're drunk.

- Every time one of the drunk people picks an apple, scream and tell them it was the apple tree.

Apple Picking is going to be so much fun this year! Thanks, Governor Cuomo!

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