It's probably in your best interests to pay off giant fighting robots.

So it really might be happening. U.S.A. vs Japan with giant fighting robots. We threw down the gauntlet, and Japan accepted, but said they wanted melee combat. Fine, what next, do you want them to transform as well? Because that would be even more badass!

As far as I know, the robots will not transform, but I will continue to dream. The robots are really set to fight though, and they need your help. Fresh paint and slick melee additions don't just happen, they need funding. Yes, there's a kickstarter. This sounds very legit though. N.A.S.A. is involved, and more importantly, Grant Imahara is involved. He's the guy from Mythbusters who made all the robots, is what I assume was said right before the U.S.A. team called him up and convinced him to work with robots.

Seriously, the video also mentions you piloting the mech, and when I say you, I mean me. there are still 91 $1,000 donation available that allow you to pilot the thing. A little more lets you fire the big guns. After that you get to use Japaneses cars as punching bags. I'm gonna need to start a kickstarter just to fund my donations to this kickstarter.