I was struggling to find something to blog about today, I wanted to give you all something interesting, but music related. I could not find anything that you don't already know, fortunately there is Japan.


The man in the middle is Lady Beard, a Australian Professional Wrestler turned cross-dresser, the girls are teenage Japanese girls who do what teenage Japanese girls do, or at least that is what most Americans think, or would like to think about what Japanese girls do.

LadyBaby combines Japanese Pop with Heavy Metal, I don't know if I am scared or not. The girls are cute and Lady Beard is.... cute I guess.

Now that we know that this exists, we as Americans must ask ourselves if it is a good thing or a bad thing?

Is it a good thing that we have nothing like this in our American culture?

Or is it a bad thing?

I think it's a bad thing, because look at how happy they are!

Once again, now that we know this exists, we can talk about it, make fun of it, show our family, friends, co-workers.

And most importantly, thank me, Dan America.

You're Welcome.