They exist, and soon they will fight.

My childhood anime's are coming to life. Luckily not in a Neon Genesis Evangelion kinda way.

America has built a giant robot capable of launching three pound paint-balls one hundred miles per hour. It's needs two human pilots inside the robot to control it.

Why, why did we do this? Simple, because it's awesome. Also, because Japan already has one. Their robot seats one pilot, has a BB Gatling gun and advanced smile shooting system. No it doesn't shoot people with smiles, it shoots when the pilot smiles. Yes that is a weird way to fire any gun.

So the world has 2 giant robots, what now? There is only one thing that can happen. Giant Robot Showdown. The American team has challenged the Japanese team to a duel in one year. This will give time to choose a location and make both robots combat ready. Yes, more combat ready.