Retail workers rejoice! Last year, amidst the growing retail madness in recent years, some more stores were actually closing for the Thanksgiving holiday this year.  This year, the number has gone up from 70 stores to about 100! I caught site of a post by News 10 abc about a number of retailers announcing that they will in fact be closed on Thanksgiving this year.

There's a total of about 100 stores closing this year for Thanksgiving.  Included in this list- TJ Maxx, Home Depot, Ikea, Staples, and more.  Get the full list of stores closing at!

It's great to see this.  Honestly, why force people to work on a holiday simply so that people can indulge in retail therapy.  I'm pretty sure that if stores are closed for a day, everyone will survive.  Thanksgiving, a holiday in which we give thanks, so nice to see stores honoring a day off.  Have you had to work on Thanksgiving? What are your thoughts?