While it's not necessarily a tech gift, it is still something that gamers, who generally are techies and geeks as well, would still love and be thankful for. A subscription to GameFly, the game rental service. Your favorite gamer can rent a physical disc or download to their Mac or PC.

Screen Shot of GameFly Website.
Screen Shot of GameFly Website.

I mean really, is it getting harder to know what to get someone for the holidays? I'm betting you have already said like 10 times already, "I don't know what to get {insert name here} for Christmas/Chanukah/Holiday. Gift cards are always a viable option and GameFly can be the option for a gamer.

The other cool thing is, they can rent a new game and try it before they want to buy it. If you're gamer is also environmentally conscious, they can opt to download the game rather than get the physical disc. They have current titles as well as some older favorites and make it really easy. This is by far an awesome gift to give to someone. And easy to boot if you're not sure what games they already have. They can just go and get the game they like.

And for the record, I am not a GameFly subscriber or getting anything out of this tip. Just the satisfaction of knowing someone may get the gift that will keep on giving. OK, I think I have gone through every gift cliche' I could think of, so now it's your turn to decide if this is the gift to give.But if you were expecting something hardware-ish, then here is a great Logitech sound system that is priced really well and would be a great gift for the music lover or even to hook up to that new Wii U.


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