It is supposed to look and feel like you're shooting a real firearm only you will be using a replica with virtual ammunition.

Modern Round YouTube
Modern Round YouTube

Lucky Strike Social Albany which is located inside the Crossgates Mall is getting a new addition to their arcade lineup! On Tuesday, October 24th Lucky Strike Social in Albany will be opening Modern Round, the East Coast's first virtual Shooting Lounge.

I did some googling and it appears as though Modern Round will work similarly to their bowling lanes. It looks like you will check in at a kiosk and the staff at Lucky Strike will set you up with your replica firearms and then position you in front of your own shooting lounge! The lounges contain seating, a table, and a big screen where you will be testing out your shooting skills! Plus you will be able to do so while enjoying tasty drinks and delicious eats! I found this promo video below for the Modern Round in AZ and when I called Lucky Strike they said that indeed you would be able to have a similar experience here in the Capital Region.

The manager at Lucky Strike told me that they will be putting 14 screens (or lounges) in where the arcade currently is so you should have ample opportunities to shoot some zombies or test your target skills! They also said that the arcade is being relocated so when you walk into Lucky Strike on Tuesday it might feel like a whole new place!

What do you think are you excited to try one of the new virtual shooting lounges or would you rather try to beat your high score on Big Buck Hunter?

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