Back in April, someone cryptically placed a beautifully painted, well-crafted rocking chair with the likeness of a young girl inside City Park in Glens Falls.  Alone it sits, undisturbed and mysterious in nature. No one knows who put it there or why.  

A few months ago, shiny monoliths were appearing in remote deserts in the U.S. and strange places internationally and they quickly became fodder for UFO truthers and the such.  It was eventually explained that they had been placed by actual people (surprisingly not by extra terrestrials) and done solely to garner a reaction, which they did.

It turns out, the Capital Region has it's own version of the monolith in the form of a mysterious rocking chair with a girl's face painted on it in Glens Falls.  Unlike the monoliths, there does appear to be some sort of important message or meaning for its placement.  Hopefully someone reading this right now can help us find some answers.

Photo: Raymond D'Andrea You Know You Are From Glens Falls Facebook

Raymond D'Andrea from Glens Falls snapped the photos seen here in this post, told GNA, "It still sits there and resides in the same spot that it was left... it's (been through) rain it’s been through so many storms and no one knows where it has came from."

It's been quite the conversation piece ever since he posted his photos on the "You Know You Are From Glens Falls" Facebook page back on April 10th adding, "The local paper at the Chronicle shared it on their Facebook through mine and no one (knows the story) and that’s crazy."

What's the story behind the portrait of the little girl and who is the person holding her hand seen in the silhouette on the back of the chair?  Some people in the Glens Falls area seem to recall how it got there, but little else is known about the chair that has "rocked" the community.

According to News 10, someone claims they saw it delivered one day by a person in a pickup truck.

Photo: Raymond D'Andrea You Know You Are From Glens Falls Facebook

D'Andrea told GNA that he's pleased that so many people are talking about the chair and spreading the word of its existence, telling us,  "I hope they find who it is and the story behind the beautiful girl."

Do you know who the little girl is?   What's the story behind the chair?  If you have any information, send to

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