Another example of political misconduct- alleged, possible, or it did happen- either way it's one more thing to add to the pile of new stories related to political misconduct in the past month alone.  As reported by News 10 abc, Gloversville mayor Dayton King was arrested, processed, and released by New York State Police related to a mischarge conduct.  The official misconduct charge has to do with Mayor King being accused of using his position as mayor to access personal information about his opponent, and publicly releasing it during a radio debate.  The accused action happened during an election.  All of the information and statements can be found at News 10 abc.

I truly believe that being politically involved is important.  It's our way as citizens of creating change, and working to better our communities.  That being said, all of the 2017 news stories, from local to federal, are getting me to a point where I'm just plain sick of politics!  Here's to hoping for a more calm 2018!