Do you like the thrill of doing things nude? Do you also love caves? Wow, this is totally tailored for you.

For me as a single male, I love this idea. But I also have a feeling I will be sadly disappointed when I go, so I am out. Could you imagine if a person met the love of their life here? What a story right?

In all reality with all jokes aside this is a freaking cool thing. Howe Caverns did it last year too. It had to have been wildly successful or they wouldn't be doing it again.

Mark the date and get ready to walk in the buff through the wonder of nature. September 14th. They call it "Naked in a Cave". If you do indeed want to be part of it, there are only 350 tickets being sold for it, so hop on it! Give them a call to reserve 518-296-8900.

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