As all of you may know I am big fan of rock and heavy metal.  Not much into country music, but I now have a new found respect for it.

After the Grammy's I was kind of poking fun at Country Music.  Actually, no beating around the bush, I was making fun of it.  I called it simple and plain and the easiest music to write.  Now I was talking about the newer country music that is on the market.  Personally I love some of those old country artists like Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash ans Hank Williams Jr.  As a matter of fact Hank Williams Jr was one of the best concerts I have ever been too.

So back to me making fun of country music.  Basically I said it must be easy if guys like Darius Rucker, Dave Matthews and Staind can do it after being in the rock genre so long.  So the morning show on our country sister station WGNA challenged me on the air to write my own song and premiere it later in the week.  Now they probably thought I was going try and back out of this, I did not.  I immediately grabbed a pen a paper and started jotting down ideas.  Now much with any other kind of song, it was hard.  What was I going to write about?  I had never written any kind of song before let alone one in a genre I don't particularly listen to.  So I decided to write it on the only thing that made sense; the fact that I can't write a song.  Channeling one of my favorites, Johnny Cash I started to write determined to prove that I can at least give people a laugh while poking fun at the music, but mostly myself.  So here is the finished product, my pride and joy.  My debut country song.  Enjoy.