Each once of these stories were featured on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show one is a hot topic, one is kind of gross and one is pretty funny.


Bad News for New England Patriot fans, your Super Bowl Champions are a bunch of cheaters, especially your team captain Tom Brady!

Good News for New England Patriot fans, Rob Gronkowski is a clutch player on and off the field, just look how he handles the news about how the New England Patriots are a team of cheaters.

Good News! Shaquille O'Neal is not a cheater, he can't even get out of his chair without falling. Cheaters aren't clumsy, just ask Tom Brady! HE CHEATS.

Good News for woman with big boobs, your boobs can be used as a weapon!

Bad News for men who love big boobs, boobs can be used as a weapon.

What did we learn?



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