This week's Good News Bad News is rather suggestive but we the people at Q103 give you the people, what you want.

Good News: We have gone from nipples to butts on Good News Bad News.

Bad News: We have also gone from Unicorn drinks to service droids and they are so not the droids that the Galactic Empire are looking for.

Good News: This is a Good News Bad News first, I never had a co-host before.

Bad News: Wether this is true or not will be the next topic on Great Debaters with DJ Supreme and I.

Good News: I am an American man of my word, I have created a account on and will be sharing this video on there.

Bad News: It's D-day for Buzzfeed! Dan America has landed!

Good News: Fox news never got back to me about filling Bill O'Reilly's spot.

Bad News: They're going to fill that spot with someone.


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