Bad News: It's Dan America under the desk,

Good News: No one is sitting at the desk that he is under.

Bad News: Yet...

Good News: This episode of Good News Bad News is late and that is good because the world was supposed to end on Saturday the 23rd of September. The world did not end on that day because greater powers of the universe wanted more episodes of Good News Bad News. Dan America saved the world, he may mispronounce the word foliage but when it comes to stopping Planet X from crashing into Earth, Dan America is the only one who can stop it.

Bad News: Dan America has yet to receive an award for saving the world, so the next time a rogue planet is threatening to crash into Earth, Dan America may not save you all again by delaying the release of another episode of Good News Bad News unless he is rewarded.

Good News: Dan America has agreed to save the Earth again if it is in danger, he has also named his price: Mia Khalifa.

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