A recent study found that all genres of music featured on Q103 actually makes you calm, in other words, listening to Q103 makes you cool!


If you still don't believe me, here is the article from the Huffington Post that proves it!

Now that we all know that we are cool, lets spread the word and blast Q103 from your vehicles and together we can calm down the Capital Region.

If someone tells you to turn it down, calmly and politely inform them that the music on Q103's format calms people down, but don't turn down the music because you don't want that person to get angry. You are going to have to shout at them, but it's ok as long as the music is right.

If you happen to find someone listening to any other type of music, help them by playing Q103 from your Chile or your phone, so you are going to have to download our Radio Pub app.

If listening to Q103 makes you calm, then does that make Flounder a Doctor?

I would not consider myself a Doctor, because I am broadcasting The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show, and they do not like metal, but I guess this explains Eric Zane.

And now a word from Abraham Lincoln.


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