Fox News hosted the top 10 Republican presidential candidates last night in Cleveland, Ohio, there was humor and drama and attacks on Obama, it was a great show and we were all entertained, but it was supposed to be a presidential debate. 


Leave it to Fox News to produce what seemed like a sketch-comedy show, rather then a serious presidential debate, my favorite skit was when the leader of the polls, Donald Trump refused to pledge his support to the Republican nominee if he did not win.

Donald Trump was defiantly the star of the show, he defiantly did not disappoint with his comedic timing and delivery, but that moment when Trump refused to pledge his support to the Republican nominee was my favorite part because it shows that the Republicans may be doomed for this election.

If Trump is not elected the Republican nominee and still runs as a third-party, he has the money to shake things up and take votes away from both the Republicans and the Democrats.

Fans of politics and comedy have something to look forward to ether way, if Trump gets the nomination or not.

To some degree, Trump is America's unlikely hero, because he is not the hero that America wants, but the hero that America deserves.



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