Gotham has Batman, New York City has a whole bunch of superheroes looking after it but somehow there is always trouble. Central City has the fastest man alive, Starling City has a archer and a security guard and Metropolis has an illegal alien hillbilly who can fly.

I suppose that the condition of the city is supposed to reflect the type of hero that protects it, Gotham is kind of dark and so is the Dark Knight, Metropolis is a super city made of steel so they get a Super Man, made of steel.

There are so many different combinations of hero to choose from. What kind of hero should we get? Magical, A Mutant/Meta Human or more technology based?

Is the Capital Region more suited for a speedster, an acrobat or someone with the ability of flight?

One thing is for sure, if the Capital Region had a Superhero, then they should of some kind of immunity to the Hudson River, or maybe some kind of mutant that crawls out of the Hudson is the Superhero that the Capital Region deserves?

I am conflicted now because I really thought that we deserved a real gritty vigilante type, like someone dressed as Uncle Sam with a baseball bat.

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