If you went out and voted yesterday, you did your civic duty - and congratulations to Governor Kathy Hochul who on Tuesday became New York’s first female elected governor.

It's the day after Election Day and naturally, some of us are feeling pretty good this morning, some not so much, but regardless, we'll be okay.

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And if you look at a breakdown of Upstate NY Counties, you'll see a pretty wide split among Capital Region residents who voted for Governor, in fact, 6 of 9 counties in our area didn't vote for the winner.

According to the New York Times, about 95% of the total gubernatorial election votes had been counted overnight when they distributed the voting data throughout the State of New York.

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But what about the 9 counties that make up the Capital Region, and how did each one of them vote?

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From the most populated to the least, here's a county-by-county breakdown of how people voted, and who they voted for in Upstate NY.

Albany County: after 114,145 votes Hochul winner

Saratoga Country: after 102,133 votes Zeldin winner

Rensselaer County: after 61,055 votes Zeldin winner 

Schenectady County: after 53,230 votes Hochul winner

Columbia County: after 29,140 votes Hochul winner

Washington County: after 20,784 votes Zeldin winner 

Fulton County: after 18,669 votes Zeldin winner 

Montgomery County: after 15,583 votes Zeldin winner 

Schoharie County:  after 12,549 votes Zeldin winner

A deeper dive into the rest of the data shows that while Zeldon was relatively successful here in the Capital Region, Hochul fared much better in downstate and western New York where heavily populated areas like Manhatten and Buffalo voted for the Democratic candidate.

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