You have seen multiple stories about the re-emergence of Frontier Town in the last few years, well now those proposed thoughts are being transformed into reality.

I never was able to enjoy the amazement and wonder that was a prospering Frontier Town. It just was a thing of the past by the time I was living through my childhood. I know for many, fond memories of this place will never be removed from their brains. For those people and people also who want to see the park come back, they will love that the ground has recently been broken on the land for its future.

Beyond a proposed campground which is cool in and of itself. There will also be a brewery and taproom on the premises when all is said and done and the area opens up. Paradox Brewery will be there serving and brewing beverages full time.

You can read more about the groundbreaking and see a video of it as well at the link below from the Times Union.

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