Hmmm. This is fascinating. Joseph Scott allegedly stole a car from 518 Auto Sales in Queensbury on Tuesday 2/1. He then drove it down to Home Depot and began hitting parked cars. That's when witnesses called police. Cops were able to locate the vehicle and Joseph Scott a little bit later.

Now, I have no idea of the circumstances, but police also said that during their investigation, they found that Scott broke into the dealership and stole a pair of pants. Yes, pants. I'm sorry, this leaves me with more questions than answers.

  • Why steal pants?
  • Who's pants were they?
  • Was someone wearing these pants at the time of the theft?
  • Were they expensive pants?
  • Was Joseph Scott not wearing pants during the robbery and grabbed them out of desperation?
  • Are pants one of the added bonuses of buying a car and he figured he'd just steal both?
  • Were they Dockers or just pants?

We may never have the answers, but we do know that Scott is facing a number of charges including two counts of criminal mischief, criminal possession of stolen property (the pants), and third degree burglary (the pants). And I guess also for stealing the car.

Hopefully he's learned his lesson and will never again steal a pair of pants. I would go as far as to say that intense rehabilitation may be necessary. That's one of those crimes that ranks up there as unforgiveable.

[News 10]

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