I don’t normally side with commies but these Chinese folk have got their head on straight this time. According to a story by the Huffington post officials in china do not view this kind of clown assistance as an act of sex so there for it’s not technically prostitution.

“Prostitution is still illegal in China, as it has been since it was banned by the Communist Party in 1949. However, the Foshan court ruled that manual masturbation and "breast massage," in which a woman massages a man with her breasts, are not sex acts, and therefore do not constitute prostitution, Nandu Daily notes.” –HP

This is only going to do wonders for their economy. Can you imagine if the United States adopted this as well? And why stop at only the massage parlor, you should be able to get a happy ending with any service. “Your oil change is finished sir would you like to tip an extra $60 and have us oil you up?” or how about “Here is your burger and would you like a tug with that?” the possibilities are endless!



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