Today (Oct. 4) is National Vodka Day.

Well for those who know me well, I’m no stranger to vodka. A matter of fact, vodka is my primary liquor of choice when I’m out at the local watering hole or at the rock show. I like many different kinds of vodka drinks, primarily vodka and club soda, but I’ve been know to to do vodka, club, and a splash of either cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, orange juice, or pineapple juice. If i’m not in the mood for juice, a vodka and 7 Up or Sprite works for me.

The official National Vodka Day website describes the day as a chance to toast the many flavors and recipes that makes Vodka the world’s favorite spirit. While the occasion is celebrated on Oct. 4, the site says “we have not found the origin of why, but it works for us.”

Enjoy, but be responsible today!

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