I love walking into a beer store not having a single clue what I want to get, then to see a massive selection to pick from. These beer stores offer that and then some.

Now any craft beer enthusiast or even just someone who is never satisfied with the same old boring beer will love any of these. I have been to most and personally feel like a kid in a candy store at the number one store. But I will also say, if craft beer isn't your thing you still will fall in love with any one of these. All have great selections of macros and ciders.

Here are the top five in the Capital Region. Ill put their addresses next to them so you know what to type into your GPS.

  1. Oliver's Beverage: 05 Colvin Ave in Albany
  2. Albany Beverage Center: 3899 Carman Rd in Schenectady
  3. Pint Sized: 209 Lark St in Albany
  4. Hoosick Street Beverage: 2200 19th Street in Troy
  5. Westmere Beverage: 1756 Western Ave in Albany

Can't go wrong with any of them. Some honorable mentions from the Times Union at the link below.

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