After a ridiculous number of underage drinkers were caught in a sting, one Troy bar is saying good-bye to it’s liquor license.

According to news 10 abc, O’Learys in Troy has been busted.  The State Liquor Authority suspended the license after 80 percent of the patrons were found to be under 21 in the sting.  That’s right- not one underage person, not a couple, but 80 percent.  The first thing that came to my mind was a satirical episode of the comedy show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” literally based on this idea, and it’s ridiculousness.

Sure, I was in high school and college once.  There were always underage drinking spots.  But to have 80 percent of your crowd be underage for a bar?  That’s a little aggressive.  According to news 10 abc, 45 people with fake ID’s got tickets.  They also reported that the state is currently doing a crack down on underage drinking.  So buyers and bars, beware.

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