I hope that you're all enjoying your day off and listening to The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show on Q103. Or I hope that you are sleeping in and reading this later on in the day. I hope your doing whatever you want today because it is your constitutional right, to do so, on Presidents Day! 



We don't really do much on President's Day, in America that actually celebrates our Presidents. There are sales at retail stores and outlets, so that you can buy things that are made in China and some of us get the day off.

I suppose you can watch a movie about a President, but for some reason they only make movies about Presidents that were assassinated or had some kind of scandal going on while they were in office. I am not sure if that is the definition of celebrating someone's memory.

I am going to step up to the plate and attempt to celebrate President's Day by talking about my favorite President; Theodore Roosevelt.

I was very conflicted at first, I had to choose between Teddy, Bill Clinton, John Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Chester A Arthur and Obama.

First I had to ask: "Who would I want to hang out with?"

I had to weigh all the Pros and Cons.

Billy Boy, would of shown me a good time. We could smoke pot and go find some interns, but someone would find out.

JFK, we could have a meaningful family outing by day and party with blonde bombshells by night. But we could not go for a ride in his car, especially in Texas.

Jimmy Carter: we could hang out and do things for the environment and build a house for someone, but no one would really care, notice or remember.

Chester A. Arthur: it is currently -9 outside. Today in the Capital Region the warmest it is going to get is -7. There is no way I am going to Albany Rural Cemetery.

Obama: We could chill out and drink some beers, but the next day photos of us would somehow show up on Fox News. We will be criticized for chilling out instead of solving all of America's problems. I would have to question the sincerity of someone saying " Thanks Dan." for the rest of my life.

Teddy Roosevelt on the other hand: We could get drunk and go hunting or go rough riding and feel like a couple of Cowboys. We would speak softly and carry big sticks and it does not even matter if Teddy gets shot, because he will just keep going.

Theodore Roosevelt is my favorite President because he is scary, the only other President that I can compare him to on the crazy and dangerous scale is Andrew Jackson.

I don't want to hang out with Andrew Jackson though, it would be awkward paying for anything with a $20. I don't know if it would upset him, constantly trading a picture of him for some Washington's and a Lincoln.

That is just my opinion, what is yours?





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