Donald Trump announced that he will be running for president yesterday and he promises to make America great again, and god probably told him to do it, I am still waiting for Mr. Trump to confirm that rumor. 


Good for Trump, he is pulling out of Atlantic City and into the White House, it's kind of like the continuation of 'Boardwalk Empire.'

I have noticed a problem with this upcoming election, and it is a problem that I always notice. That being, where are all the candidates from the Capital Region?

Seriously, when was the last time you herd of a local running for President?

Hillary does not count!

Here check out the list of candidates!

I started to check out all the candidates from New York and I did not recognize anyone. I would imagine that if a local ran for President it would be all over the local news, but NO!

Uncle Sam was from Troy.

Saratoga is rich in American history and Albany is the capital of New York.

Schenectady...... Is Schenectady.

So where are our Presidential Candidates?!

Does the Capital Region and Saratoga County share the same apathy towards politics?

So here is what I am suggesting, lets flood the 2016 ballot with local fringe candidates!

It will be fun and it will put us on the map, because no one is coming to the Capital Region to see Chester A. Arthur's grave.

Together we can turn the Capital Region into a tourist attraction!

We can be Fringe World! We can set up a stage in Washington Park and have our local candidates give speeches all day long!

We can make National News!

Capital Region and Saratoga County, let's show America that we care!



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