Castles don't just exist in Europe.  New York State is home to many castles and there is one for sale right here in Albany's Washington Park!

If you love castles, historical architecture, a good ghost story and are looking for a new home, I may have found you the perfect place to call home!

Ten Thurlow Terrace in Albany is a gorgeous stone castle built in 1895 by architect Ernest Hoffman for Charle LaDow, an inventor who lived in this castle for 11 years before he went bankrupt and left his family broke. The home then sat empty for 13 years (1939-1952).  The home is currently for sale for $900,000 and boasts 11 bedrooms and three bathrooms. That's a steal in todays real estate market compared to last year's listing price of $1.3 million.

The castle borders scenic Washington Park in Albany. The home has hidden doors, a chapel, secret passages and even a turret.  Beware if you purchase the castle: it comes with an unwanted guest occupant in the turret, a ghost! The local neighbors refer to it as "the haunted castle."

Just in time for Halloween, you can take a peek at this gorgeous haunted castle.  Although the castle is a private residence, is not open to the public and there is no trespassing allowed, you can view it from afar as you stroll down this picturesque Albany neighborhood which houses some luxury real estate.  If you stare into some of the windows, you may just get a peek at the ghost staring back at you! If you have the funds, this beautiful historical haunted castle can be yours!