I have been on this earth more than half a century and I just heard about a certain kind of caterpillar for the very first time. I figure if I have just heard of it maybe you didn't know it existed either. According to New York Presbyterian this is the most venomous caterpillar in North America.

Although this insect primarily lives outside of New York State, according to Johnny B's Pest Control, it has been documented in the Empire State. Keep an eye out around oak trees, pine trees and in gardens for the Puss Caterpillar.

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The 1 inch puss caterpillar, also known as the southern flannel moth caterpillar, may look soft and furry but do not be fooled. There is poison in each spine of the insects hair. All it takes it an accidental brush against the puss caterpillar and you will feel it.

The reactions to a puss caterpillar encounter vary on a case by case basis. Many report feeling a burning sensation followed by the formation of a blister. The blister can leave a noticeable mark on your skin for several weeks. Experts say that the pain can last 48 hours or so. You could also experience nausea and difficulty breathing.

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Should you encounter the puss caterpillar DO NOT TOUCH it. If contact is made seek medical attention immediately. This particular caterpillar is most active in late summer months into fall.

The puss caterpillar has little to no interest in humans but they will sting you if they feel threatened or should you make contact.

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