Smarter Than A Q-Tease trivia happens every Wednesday night 7p-9p at Dublins located at 121 4th Street in Troy.  Bring your team to play pop culture trivia against our Q103 Q-Tease street team and win prizes.  Each week, I post a few questions and answers that will be asked to help you win.


We play three rounds of trivia, each question has a point value and whatever team has the most points at the end of a round win a prize.  It could be beer,  appetizers or gift certificates.  At the end of the night, whatever team has the most points will win tickets to see one of the many concerts coming to the area.

Usually Rob Dawes is your host, however this week it will be BJ from the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning show.  He'll be joined by Q-Tease Jen & Nikki.  Good luck beating them, they are good and know their trivia.

Couple of music trivia questions here that nobody would know- Now you are really smart!

Question #1

Maureen Tucker played drums n which influential art rock band?

Answer: The Velvet Underground

Question #2

What did Melissa Etheridge title her first album after coming out of the closet?

Answer:  Yes I Am

Question #3

Who is the top earning model according to Forbes Magazine

Answer:  Gisele Bundchen  - Yes she deserves every penny - She is HOT!

Question #4

What country saw the cultivation of the first potato, in 200 A.D.?

Answer:  South America  - please I only posted this so nobody would write Idaho!

Have a great time at Dublins on Wednesday night.  They have great food and highly recommend the burgers- Rob said they are awesome.

Trivia starts at 7pm, and what's better than playing some trivia while looking at some hot chicks?? nothing.. thought so

Good luck


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