The Capital District is full of all kinds of fun history, fun things, and even roadside attractions!

It feels like it’s impossible to know everything there is about this area.  Recently, I crashed the Rensselaer County Historical Society for the Work Day Distraction, and it got me thinking about all the fun facts there are about Troy.  I mean, Troy’s a big part of the Capital District, though kind of on the outskirts.  It’s a place you can spend time in or just drive through.  So how well do you really know Troy?  Here’s a few fun facts from the Rensselaer County Historical Society!

  • 1

    Major League Baseball

    Troy has a huge history with baseball.  Aside from being the home to the ValleyCats currently, Troy was the home to two Major League Baseball teams in the 1800s- the ‘Troy Haymakers’ and the ‘Troy Trojans’

  • 2

    Christmas Classics

    Apparently, back in 1823, the Troy Sentinel was the first publisher of “The Night Before Christmas” (known then as “A Visit from St. Nicholas”).  I mean, it’s never to early to get in the holiday spirit, that’s pretty cool!

  • 3

    Greek Mythology

    I mean, I could’ve guessed this but there’s a chance it could’ve been ‘fake news.’  However it’s true- according to the Rensselaer County Historical Society, Troy got it’s name after the city of Troy in Homer’s ‘Iliad’ and Greek mythology.

  • 4

    Collars and The Collar City

    We all know Troy is called ‘The Collar City.’  I mean, they even have the Collar City Bridge names after the town’s nickname.   But- do you know why it holds that nickname?  Well, apparently back in the 1800s, a woman (Hannah Lord Montague) was cleaning her husbands shirts and noticed only the collars would get dirty.  She then decided to make detachable dollars so they only they could be washed, and that took off as a popular clothing style.  Troy also was responsible for manufacturing a ton of  clothing.

  • 5

    Women’s Rights

    Troy was apparently the home to the first female labor union- the “Collar Laundresses Union”- who striked and got their wages raised 25% !  Talk about tough ladies!

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