Looking to get outside but want to avoid the crowds on hiking trails and parks? Try this Capital Region cemetery!

There is nothing better when the weather improves and you can finally get out and back into nature. The biggest problem that I always have with that is that everyone else has the same ideas.

Whether it's a park, beach, or a hiking trail you are probably going to find out you aren't the only one who decided to get out to enjoy the scenery. So how do you avoid the crowds while also getting in a nice walk? Have you considered a cemetery?

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For me, I like to take advantage of getting outside and going for walks as often as I can. I do walk around my Albany neighborhood, but sometimes it is nice to get a different view and that's where going to an alternate location comes into play.

At first I was going to local parks in the area but with so many other people enjoying them sometimes it can be a little crowded. A sure fire way to avoid those crowds is by hitting up a cemetery! Most of the time they are massive, have plenty of roads and walk ways to get you moving.

Albany Rural Cemetery


This cemetery, located near Albany and Loudonville, was established in 1841 and sits on over 400 acres. It also has some really amazing graves for you to visit and admire while you're trying to get in a bit of exercise.

I like to try and spot local historical names around the vast grounds of this historic cemetery while I walk and listen to music. It's home to many famous graves, beautiful sculptures and statues throughout the grounds and plenty of great mother nature for you to take in.


Did I mention it's also kind of sort of haunted?

Whether you believe in ghosts or urban legends, the stories about Albany Rural Cemetery are so much fun and make for some great campfire chat.

Don't be afraid of the crowds at some of the more popular locations when cemeteries have so much more to offer us than just being a final resting place.

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