Willow is one of the greatest 80's movies of all time and if you do not agree with me I will throw an acorn at you that will turn you into stone.

Candace and I agree that Willow is worth $10.00, that is a perfect score on Hollywood Blockbuster Video!

What makes Willow so great?

Is it the music? The cast? The action? The Fairy Boobs? The 80's graphics? The Story?

I don't know because I think that it's all great, I even read the book that was supposed to be the sequel just because it was the sequel to Willow, I read the first book but not the second because the book gets kind of weird.

Willow is a mindless self indulgence that you should not think about, just watch it and enjoy it. Some scenes make absolutely no sense, but it's ok because it's a 80's movie with a really catchy theme song.

I still don't understand how Candace had a crush on Warwick Davis though...


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