Thousands of movies have played out this scenario before.  One man contracts a virus and bites someone.  Suddenly there is a zombie outbreak.  This is now coming true.


In one of the strangest news stories of the year, and maybe even the last few years, a homeless man in Miami, Florida was shot and killed after he was found eating off a man's face.  Hopefully it was a head shot, or he's just going to come back.

The man had eaten off half of the guy's face before police got there and were forced to open fire on him.  According to the report, the man could not be reasoned with. Sounds like a zombie to me. To top things off, the man who had his face eaten survived, but is without a face.

With no cure in sight, he will no doubt be back as a zombie rather soon. This is no joking matter. The CDC has been ready for this day for a LONG time. It's time to lock and load, people. Check out the news story below.

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